Ideas That Refuse To Go Away

This week, when sorting through my writing notes, I made a very interesting discovery. In one of my journals, I found the initial seed of the idea for my first book, written two years before my supposed eureka moment!

Amazingly, this piece of paper had been completely forgotten about, yet the idea stayed in my subconscious and resurfaced two years later, as if for the first time! While the initial seed differed slightly from what I thought was the initial seed, it was the same idea in essence.

What I’ve learned from this is that some ideas are very persistent and will stay with you throughout your life, begging to be brought into the world. They may lie dormant for a time, but they always find a way to return to you. This is reassuring for a writer like myself who clings on to his notes for fear of losing his ideas – clearly such written prompts are not needed, nor are they re-visited much once written. Of course, I’m not saying you shouldn’t keep notes, as you just don’t know what notes might spark your imagination, but I’m merely pointing out how persistent our ideas can be.

Throughout your life, you may have many ideas, some great and some not so great. What I recommend is focusing on the ideas that really sing to your heart. Don’t give a hoot what others might think. If you’re going to express yourself, then it should be something that appeals to you.

You are the judge. You are the gatekeeper of your ideas, who gets to decide which ones are worthy and which are not. But how do you choose what should take priority? Oh, that’s easy! I think you already know deep down which ideas are special. They are the ideas that refuse to go away.



What happens to your ideas?

I’ve never had a problem coming up with ideas. But what to do with them while I’m already working on a project?

Why, jot them down of course! That’s all you can do. Any little insight, observation or idea, no matter how silly. Because later on, when you’re ready to start something new, one of those ideas could come in handy.

Sometimes, it can be quite frustrating to receive a fresh and exciting new idea when you’re in the middle of writing something else. I know that some authors write/develop multiple books at once, but I prefer to do one project at a time for ultimate immersion in the protagonist’s world.

To be honest, I shouldn’t really complain about getting too many ideas, because it’s better than having too few! And all of these ideas are kept in the pipeline for potential future projects, so I’ll never be short of something to write.

The fate of these ideas remains to be seen. Some will inevitably amount to nothing, others will be worthy of development, or may evolve into entirely different beasts altogether. What I do know is that the process of developing an idea, from a little seed into a fully fledged book, is an absolute joy and definitely worthwhile.