Pulp Idol 2017: I’m Through To The Final!

This is my first post in many months, as life has been distracting me to no end, but I come bearing excellent news! I recently entered Pulp Idol – a local writing competition in Liverpool – and got through to the final! Can you believe it?

This was the third consecutive year that I’ve entered and I almost didn’t bother, but something compelled me to submit my novelĀ hoursĀ before the deadline – I’m so glad now that I did!

In the competition, each of us had to read out three minutes from our opening chapter, followed by a series of questions from the panel of judges. I brought great passion and energy to my reading and enthusiastically answered the judges’ questions, sensing that my piece had been well-received, yet hardly daring to hope that I would get through to the final. As we waited for the results, I had such a strong gut feeling that I would be successful, but of course my inner critic simply dismissed this as wishful thinking.

When the judges called out my name, I cannot tell you how overjoyed I was! After all the rejection emails I’ve received from publishing houses, as well as my run-in with a vanity publisher, it was so special to hear such positive feedback about my writing. The judges said my opening chapter was well-structured, eloquently written and wasn’t drowning in too much description, with interesting characters that showed great potential – this was so affirming for me and it has restored confidence in my writing.

I’ve barely written anything these last four months, so this victory has given me a much needed confidence boost. Going forward to the final next month, there is a chance I could actually end up with a publishing contract, which is so unbelievably exciting! I dare to dream that it is possible and intend to carry forth my passionate energy to the final, letting my inner light shine as I present my work to the judges once more.

Wish me luck, my friends!


The Power of the Final Installment

I saw Mockingjay: Part 2 yesterday and there were so many feels.

It is always a strange thing to read/watch the last installment of a franchise. On the one hand, you feel immense satisfaction at seeing the story come to a conclusion and yet you are sad to say goodbye to the characters that you have invested in.

It was the same with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. There is just something so bittersweet about that final goodbye. Arguably, this feeling is even more prevalent with long-running TV shows, where you follow characters and storylines for many years. Saying goodbye to Lost after six years and Prison Break after four was very strange indeed, but all good things must come to an end.

I suppose that these emotions evoked within me serve to demonstrate just how powerful and engaging fiction can be. I can only hope that people enjoy my own stories to such a degree.