Pulp Idol 2017: I’m Through To The Final!

This is my first post in many months, as life has been distracting me to no end, but I come bearing excellent news! I recently entered Pulp Idol – a local writing competition in Liverpool – and got through to the final! Can you believe it?

This was the third consecutive year that I’ve entered and I almost didn’t bother, but something compelled me to submit my novel hours before the deadline – I’m so glad now that I did!

In the competition, each of us had to read out three minutes from our opening chapter, followed by a series of questions from the panel of judges. I brought great passion and energy to my reading and enthusiastically answered the judges’ questions, sensing that my piece had been well-received, yet hardly daring to hope that I would get through to the final. As we waited for the results, I had such a strong gut feeling that I would be successful, but of course my inner critic simply dismissed this as wishful thinking.

When the judges called out my name, I cannot tell you how overjoyed I was! After all the rejection emails I’ve received from publishing houses, as well as my run-in with a vanity publisher, it was so special to hear such positive feedback about my writing. The judges said my opening chapter was well-structured, eloquently written and wasn’t drowning in too much description, with interesting characters that showed great potential – this was so affirming for me and it has restored confidence in my writing.

I’ve barely written anything these last four months, so this victory has given me a much needed confidence boost. Going forward to the final next month, there is a chance I could actually end up with a publishing contract, which is so unbelievably exciting! I dare to dream that it is possible and intend to carry forth my passionate energy to the final, letting my inner light shine as I present my work to the judges once more.

Wish me luck, my friends!


The Realm of the Tooth Fairies

tooth fairy kingdom

Megan was scared of getting her wisdom tooth removed. A childhood incident had left her very wary of the tooth-tinkering profession, so she wanted to avoid dentists if she could help it.

But the wisdom tooth was causing great pain. It did not make Megan feel very wise and kept on burrowing through her gum without any regard for her feelings. Enough was enough. The wisdom tooth had to go.

So Megan went to the dentist, her heart pounding in her chest as she approached the dreaded place. The very thought of entering this torture chamber made her feel nauseous, but she mustered all of her courage and ventured forth into the unknown.

The tooth-tinkerer was much more helpful than Megan’s tooth-tinkerer of yesteryear. He removed the wisdom tooth in a jiffy and put it into a little jar for Megan to keep as a memento.

Megan left the dentist feeling very proud of herself. She had a numb cheek and could barely talk, but she had faced her biggest fear.

When she went to bed that night, she placed the wisdom tooth beneath her pillow and drifted off into the land of nod. She was greeted by a shimmering little creature in the heart of an ancient woodland.

‘Where am I?’ Megan asked. ‘What’s going on?’

The little creature fluttered its wings and landed upon Megan’s shoulder. ‘I am a tooth fairy, Megan. You were very brave today.’

‘Oh – thanks.’

‘Follow me,’ the tooth fairy said, floating off through the trees. ‘We have been waiting for you.’

Hesitating slightly, Megan followed the tooth fairy through the forest. She could hear angelic singing and the fluttering of many wings. Before long, she gazed upon a giant pearly white tooth, which hundreds of fairies gathered around like fireflies.

‘Megan, we wish to reward your bravery,’ said her fairy escort. ‘You have shown extraordinary courage and we are very pleased with this.’

Suddenly, there was a fanfare of melodic trumpets. A regal-looking fairy emerged from a balcony on the upper echelons of the giant tooth.

‘Greetings Megan – I am Queen of the Tooth Fairies,’ announced the fairy, wearing a sparkly crown. ‘In recognition of your bravery, I grant you one wish. Within the confines of my kingdom, by the power invested in me as divine ruler and custodian of all teeth, great and small, I declare that anything you wish will be possible.’

Megan was blown away by this proposition. She pondered over it for some time, wondering what to wish for. The fairies floated around her in anticipation.

‘I wish –’ Megan hesitated. ‘I wish to fly!’

‘Very well,’ said the Fairy Queen. ‘Then fly you shall, oh brave one.’

In that moment, Megan was transformed into a beautiful fairy. She revelled in flying around the giant tooth castle, stopping off for some luncheon with the Fairy Queen before venturing off deep into the woods. Dozens of fairies travelled with her, singing and laughing with pure childlike innocence. Megan forgot all about her pain and woes, for no evil existed in this realm. Only joy and love existed in the Tooth Fairy Kingdom.

The following morning, Megan woke up in a daze. She felt as though she had been flying and singing all night, but she couldn’t remember where or why. All she knew was that she had been a brave girl.