Filling Up The Creative Well

​It really is true what Julia Cameron says in The Artist’s Way. If you do not regularly replenish your creative well, then your creative juices will ‘dry up’ and you will stagnate. Even if you seem to be on a roll, your project will skid to a halt because you’ve burned up all of your available resources!

What Julie Cameron suggests in her book is going on something called an ‘artist’s date’, in which one devotes some time to replenishing this dried-up well with fresh inspiration and ideas. This might involve going to the local art gallery, reading a book or even going to a new restaurant and doing some people-watching! You are meant to do this completely alone so that you can fully absorb the experience.

This week, for example, I wrote lots of nursery rhymes and nonsense poetry after devouring a collection of classical nursery rhymes in one sitting! On other occasions, looking at statues or taking a stroll through the park has triggered something within me. It does not matter what you do to fill your creative well, as all art is birthed from the same creative energy that flows through us all. 

I too have had sudden droughts while writing, especially when I’ve written a lot in a short space of time. While I believe that any of us can tap into the abundant energies of the cosmos, it is important to realise that we must be proactive in exposing ourselves to life’s wonders (a beautiful piece of artwork, trees rustling in the wind, a new exciting experience etc), which act as portals to that creative energy which you seek. Make sure that you take regular “culture baths” and always be open to new inspiration and experiences to fuel your creative projects!

Good luck, my fellow creators! And much love =)


The Importance of Having a Writing Space

The saddest part about moving house was saying goodbye to my dear writing desk.


It was the place where I wrote three books and spent many hours of my life. I developed a very special connection with the corner of that room and instantly felt at peace and ready to create whenever I entered that space. But all good things must come to an end eventually…

In all honesty, I was ready to move on. Life in that stuffy flat had stagnated and fell to ruin, so I was extremely grateful for the opportunity to start afresh. The writing desk was the only thing I was sad about leaving behind, but I have now set up writing desk in my new house and began working on my fourth book!

I think that it is very important to have a designated writing space. Psychologically, it helps you to get into the zone more quickly. I am still waiting to develop a special connection with my new writing space, but I think that we will forge that bond through writing. As I give birth to my latest story, my writing desk will come alive with creative energy, which in turn will help to spur me on even further.