Pearl’s Hereafter

What would you do if you could turn back the clock?

Pearl's Hereafter - Nick Peterson

Crippled with regret and misery, Pearl Greenwood thinks that it is far too late for second chances. Sixty long years have passed since she married the wrong man and let her hobbies fall by the wayside. But on her deathbed, however, she is given the opportunity to re-live her life and remedy her old mistakes.

Transported back to her twenty-first birthday party in 1953, Pearl embarks on a trip down memory lane that is fraught with confusion and difficult choices. Despite the gift of hindsight, Pearl still struggles in her pursuit of happiness and freedom, realising that every choice has its repercussions.

If you wish to accompany Pearl on her weird and wonderful journey, then you can do so right here:

Or if you prefer a good old physical copy, then you can get one for your bookshelf right here! Sorry it’s a bit pricey, but it’s a monstrously huge book and Amazon charges quite a lot to print each one!

don’t have a kindle, then here’s the epub version, which is suitable for most e-readers:

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