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Hello there!

Writing has been a passion of mine since childhood, but it was only once I graduated from university that I began to conjure up full-length novels. I have since discovered other ways to express myself creatively, such as dancing, poetry and singing/chanting, all of which nourish the soul and bring me great joy.

As I spent my teenage years writing fantasy to escape the harsh realities of secondary school, I never expected my first set of books to be so grounded in reality, but these were the stories I felt compelled to write. With my fourth novel, however, I have returned to my fantasy roots and I’m loving every minute of creating a whole new world. The Light of Thaeis is my most ambitious project to date because it’s going to be a trilogy!

People are often impressed when they find out how many books I’ve written, but you too can do the same if you are determined, passionate and patient. Each book has served to improve the quality of my writing and hone my craft, preparing me for the awesome fantastical thrill-ride that I’m on now with The Light of Thaeis.

It can sometimes be quite difficult to go against the grain and follow your dreams, but you simply must do what makes you feel happy. People may tell you to get a “proper job” or take the safe option, but you must take the path that feels right for you, otherwise you will feel dispirited or unfulfilled.

Away from writing, I’m currently training to be a counsellor and psychotherapist, aiming to bring mindfulness and creative expression into my practice through workshops and individual therapy. We are all creative beings, who become dispirited when we stop being playful and expressing ourselves, so I want to help people reclaim their creative energy through the healing benefits of creative expression.

If you wish to get in touch about my work, or any of my blog posts, then I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Nick,
    I’d like to nominate your blog for the Liebster Award. I haven’t been following you long but your posts are well written and inspiring. Please let me know if this okay.

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