What if the terrorists were in our country?

If a terrorist group sprang up in Britain and other countries decided to bomb us, blasting apart our cities and killing the likes of me and you, we would think it was inhumane. So why is it okay for a bunch of bigwigs in an old building by the Thames to condemn innocent people? Why was there not a public vote on such a matter?

Yes.. it appears that the government has voted in favour of military action against IS, which will involve dropping bombs on Syria without any real intel as to where the terrorists might be based, so many innocent civilians will end up getting killed. David Cameron claims that the bombing will “make Britain safer”, but in my opinion, it will just make it more likely that terrorists will retaliate with attacks on our country, just like they did with France when the French got involved.

Amazingly, the airstrikes started WITHIN AN HOUR of the decision being made, which meant that aircraft and troops were on standby, poised for the green light to cause destruction. One of the first places they targeted was an oil field (hmm, I wonder why…)

I am just tired, as I am sure a lot of people are, with the  endless narrative of death and destruction spouted by the media. Every time you turn on the news, it’s talking about mass shootings and crime and other things that cause us to live in fear. I actively avoid the news for this reason, as it is not representative of our society as a whole – there is so much good in the world, but it is quite easy to think otherwise.

Thankfully, an increasing amount of people seem to be waking up and know in their hearts that the system is a mess. We know we are constantly being lied to and trampled on while governments pursue their own interests (i.e. profit and power). For example, they are justifying twelve billion pounds of welfare cuts by saying the country is in debt and yet they always manage to find the money to go to war – it’s all a massive lie!

Alas, there is nothing we can do about this unless we come together and create a new world. The only way to fight darkness is with light – none of this “eye for an eye” retaliation crap – and I know that many others feel this way too. With pacifists on the rise, there is hope for a better future, but they say that the night is darkest before the dawn.

In the meantime, we cannot live in fear. I mean my mum has just cancelled her holiday to Greece for God’s sake, because she is that scared of being blown to pieces by a terrorist. We cannot let fear govern us. We must carry on with our lives and reach out to one another, for it is unity that we need in such times. Fear and distrust will get us nowhere, so ignore the media’s prejudice against Muslims, for the vast majority of them are not terrorists and they are suffering more than anyone else at the minute, especially in the lands occupied by Islamic State.

Islamic State.. even the name is misleading. But there has been talk of referring to the group as Daesh from now, as to avoid misrepresenting Muslims, which I think would be a very good move indeed.

Peace and love to you all. May we stand united in such troubled times and help to make the world a better place.


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