The Essence of Sunshine: A Lesbian Romance

This book exists because my girlfriend dared me to write a romance before I was twenty-five.

But when I accepted this challenge, I didn’t want to write any old rubbish! So I set about to create something with meaning and value. And this is the story that soon fell into my head!

The Essence of Sunshine

The Essence of Sunshine is about a girl with very low self-esteem. Breaking free from an abusive relationship, Georgia’s confidence hits rock bottom and she has no idea what to do with her life. But when she goes away on holiday, she meets a girl who helps to restore her spirit. Georgia is in complete awe of her new friend – the bright-eyed holiday rep, Robyn – but she is surprised when romance blossoms between them…

There doesn’t seem to be much material out there that normalises same-sex relationships, so I’m glad that I’m helping to buckle that trend. There’s an increasing amount of gay/lesbian material being released every year, but we’ve still got some way to go, especially in big institutions like Hollywood. More often than not, homosexual characters feature as funny sidekicks or are confined to ridiculous stereotypes – very rarely do you see a fully-rounded character who just happens to be gay. And let’s not even talk about the over-sexualisation of lesbians!

But anyway, I think that I have succeeded in creating a love story that focuses on the personalities and relationship of the two main characters, rather than the fact that they both happen to be girls.

One or two people have already said to me: “But you’re not a lesbian. How can you accurately write about this?”

My answer: “I’m not a serial killer either – but you didn’t question my accuracy when one of those cropped up in my last story!”

The Essence of Sunshine is quite a short book, but it’s still taken a while to edit and polish. I have taken my time with it to make sure that it is as perfect as it can be before releasing it into the world. I’m still a little scared about sharing it with people, but it’s time to let my child go. Books are meant to be read, after all!

So if The Essence of Sunshine interests you, then you can download the eBook from Amazon:

I believe you can actually preview the opening of the book for free, so why not try before you buy? The print version will be following in due course, so stay tuned if you would prefer a good old physical copy!

Or if it’s not your cup of tea, then why not tell a friend about it? I would greatly appreciate it if you could help out an independent author =)


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