How To Choose The Right Title For Your Project

Choosing a good name for your project is very important. If you don’t label it correctly, then you might mislead people or fail to capture its true essence.

Whether your project is a book, film, play or other medium, make sure that it is named correctly. The name is the first thing that most people will see, so it should stand out and be intriguing. Ensure that it is attention-grabbing!

There is no right or wrong time to come up with your title. Some people have their title ready before they even start a project and others leave it right up until the project is finished – it has varied for each of my books so far.

A lot of people find it difficult to sum up their project, as it often has many themes and messages running through it, but you’ve got to get to the heart of what its about. How would you describe your project? If your project was packaged in a box or a tin can, what would you write on the label? Try to be clear and keep it simple.

Some titles have double-meanings, which can be very clever indeed, but the trouble is that a lot of people try to be too clever with their titles. Don’t overthink it and try to avoid being too pretentious, unless that’s the feel you’re going for. Ultimately, you should go with what feels right. You can usually tell if a title feels slightly off-kilter.

I’ll use The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as an example. This title just doesn’t ring true with what the film is about. I wouldn’t say that Walter’s life is particularly secretive, but he does work at Life Magazine, which I suppose is meant to be a double-meaning. The film is actually about the search for a missing photograph, so why not call it The Search for Negative 25? I have a sneaky feeling that Ben Stiller wanted the film to be called The Quintessence of Life, which is the nickname for the missing photograph, but the film studio probably told him that it was too pretentious.

So there you have it, folks! There’s my advice for naming your project. Do yourself a favour and give your project that name that it deserves!

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