Be Proud of What You Do

It isn’t easy to follow your dreams, especially if people don’t support you. But you’ve got to do what makes you happy, regardless of what other people think about it.

Doing something creative, such as writing or art, seems to raise the most eyebrows in our society. This is because being a creative person doesn’t fit in with society’s view of a ‘proper’ job. And if you’re not making money from your creations, then people find it even harder to understand your motivation.

Last week, I went to a socialising event where I met a load of new people. I’ve never been good at small talk, but I particularly despised it on this day. One of the first questions that most people asked was: ‘What do you do?’, which is a question that puts you in a box from the get-go. When I told them that I was a writer, this evoked many more questions, which I tried my best to answer, but I felt like most people were silently judging me for what I did.

Unfortunately, I was lacking in self-belief at the time, so the admission that I was a writer was very feeble. I came away from the event feeling dejected and doubtful, but then my partner reminded me that there was something missing from my life….. self-love. Until she pointed this out, I had not realised that my confidence and faith in my own ability had completely slipped away. But since that night, I have been reclaiming my self-assuredness and conviction.

Be proud of what you do. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do anything. Whether you have an obsession with unicorns or you like to make rude sculptures, then don’t be afraid to admit it! Your quirks and passions make you unique and if you take pride in what you do, then other people will love you for it. And if they don’t, then screw them… some people just like to judge.

If you find yourself feeling doubtful, then give yourself a pep-talk. Seriously. Get in front of the mirror and tell yourself that you are amazing. List all of the reasons why you are great. Remind yourself of everything you have achieved. If you can’t do this by yourself, then ask your friends and family to lend a hand. Sometimes, a little bit of encouragement goes a long way, whether its from yourself or somebody else. So go forth and believe in yourselves!

4 thoughts on “Be Proud of What You Do

  1. Preach it, Nick! It’s hard to explain to non-creatives what the motivation is. I got in a heated debate recently with someone close to me who is too practical and pragmatic to understand why my heart belongs to writing. I found it painful to argue because I just felt the stings of failure, I felt like an imposter arguing and calling myself a ‘writer’ when… what do I have to show for that (professionally)?

    Self-assuredness and conviction I believe is something I will always have to exercise – like a muscle, it won’t stay strong without our deliberate effort!

    Stay true to our Authentic Selves! When we are in balance with who we are, our natural passion and excitement for life will encourage more positivity and opportunity. It SERVES us and our futures to be honest and happy about what we want – who cares what some black-and-white-world-view naysayer wants to think 🙂 xx

    • Glad you can relate, Janelle! It can be difficult sometimes, especially when your family or friends are telling you to be more realistic. But you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone! Our authentic selves indeed =)

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