Available Now: Pearl’s Hereafter

At long last, I have published my first book!

Pearl's Hereafter - Nick Peterson

It’s been quite a while since I took the deep plunge and wrote Pearl’s Hereafter. Since then, I have written two more books and I’m now planning my fourth! Something tells me that I’ll always be writing something and it has always been my intention to share my creations with others.

Before now, I have tried to get my work published in the traditional manner and submitted my manuscripts to countless literary agents, but all of these gatekeepers responded in the same way: “Your work isn’t what we’re currently looking for”. In other words, they could not guarantee the commercial viability of my work in the marketplace.

Just as I was finally considering self-publishing, Olympia Publishers came along and requested to see the full manuscript for my book. I was absolutely overjoyed because I thought that someone finally had faith in my work and was taking a chance on me. But alas, it transpired that this company was a vanity publisher and they requested £3200 towards “production costs”. I smelled a rat immediately, but they certainly didn’t do themselves any favours by getting my name wrong – TWICE!

Nevertheless, I should thank these sharks. Even though Olympia Publishing tried to extort me by preying on my hopes and dreams, they gave me the determination to follow through with self-publishing. In the wake of the letdown, I sprang to action and here we are a month later, with my first book available for your reading pleasure!

Pearl’s Hereafter is a curious tale about a regretful woman who gets to re-live her life. If you wish to get transported back with her to 1950s Northern England, then you’re very welcome to do so:


It feels great to finally share this with people. After all, books are meant to be read, aren’t they? There may very well be people out there who desire to read this yarn, so why should they be denied this right just because the agents said no?

I will also be making my other books available too, along with the print version of Pearl’s Hereafter, which I’m sure that my Grandparents will appreciate! Personally, I prefer to have a physical copy in my hands, but I know that many people are reading ebooks these days – both methods have their perks, I suppose!

So anyway, I should probably go and celebrate or something! There’s some sort of love festival happening in town, so that sounds like just the thing to immerse myself in. Happy love day, you lovely people!


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