Rising from the ashes

Wow – it’s certainly been a while since I last posted! Perhaps I should provide a few updates?

First off, I have been very busy this autumn with setting up a business called Mystery Cow, which provides people with everything they need to host their own murder mystery parties. You are, of course, very welcome to check this out at http://www.mysterycow.com and I would appreciate any feedback that you are willing to give!

To be perfectly honest, setting up the business nearly destroyed me. Even though I had fun with creating the resources and all of the different characters, I did face a fair few struggles and stresses with getting it launched. The major mistake I made was not giving myself a well-earned break, which of course resulted in me completely burning out.

In the wake of this crash, I have returned to my true love: storywriting. I was a bit nervous about starting my third book, as it has been several months since I last wrote a novel, but I took to it like a duck to water. Writing, it seems, is like riding a bike. Life seems much simpler now that I am writing again. Several months away from the craft has made me realise how much I cherish it and want it to have a firm place in my life. And so I have resolved that no matter what is going on in my life in the future, I never want to be parted from writing for that long ever again.

With regards to this blog, I have been very aware of time slipping by, as I have a weekly reminder on my phone that prompts me to write a blog post, but I just haven’t found it within me to do so. I have been so utterly spent that I haven’t found the motivation to do that much at all, nor have I been forcing myself to. For the good of my health, I’ve needed to take a complete blackout from everything, especially business-related, but I am slowly regaining my vigour. My return to blogging is certainly a very good sign that I am on the mend!

My advice to anyone who is reading this post is to do what you love. Follow your passion with all your heart and do not let anyone stop you from doing this. I have been on quite the detour for the last several months, getting quite caught up in something that has caused deep stress and anxiety, but I have now returned to what truly makes my heart sing. And as long as that is in my life, then I imagine that I shall have great joy.


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