Yearning to write, but being bound to other things

Sometimes, life can get in the way of your passions.

The last time I did any story-writing was back in February when I finished my second book, which saddens me slightly. But I have resolved that there’s nothing stopping me from writing little tidbits or small stories to keep the passion alive. In fact, I think that a little bit of daily writing would help to get the cogs turning and sharpen my focus when getting on with other tasks.

At the moment, I’m setting up a business, which is highly time-consuming! But thankfully, it’s a creative business that still allows me to come up with characters and plot-lines, so it’s not all bad! And the whole reason that I’m doing it is to create an income to give myself more time to write stories!

Sometimes though, I just yearn to pick up the pen and return to my true love. But I realise that I must be patient and persist with the task at hand… only then can I achieve true freedom to write stories whenever I desire.