A break from my book.. while I work on something else :P

What’s this? I’m putting aside my first draft for a little while??

Yes, that’s right! In his book, “On Writing”, Stephen King suggests that when you finish your first draft, you should put it in a drawer for 4-6 weeks until you can look upon it with fresh eyes. Only then can you edit your work without sentiment.

At first, I wasn’t going to heed this advice. I started my story eight months ago, so I was looking upon the majority of my manuscript with fresh eyes anyway. But I understand what Mr King is saying, because I can be quite sentimental when it comes to editing.

As it happens, I have another project to work on in the meantime, which is brilliant because Stephen King actually recommends working on another project during this period! The project involves a lot of writing, so I’m still honing my craft with every passing day, and shall return to my book when the time is right.

I’m actually setting up my own business, you know! It’s a creative business too (hence all the writing).. basically, I’ll be writing and selling murder mystery parties! So I’m currently in the process of creating characters, storylines and all the other objectives which are required for such parties. And I must say, I’m thoroughly enjoying the process!

When the website for the business is launched (probably some time in October), I’ll then return to my book and pick up from where I left off. Hopefully, I will have received all of my feedback by then too, so I’ll be able to plough on with the rewrite with completely fresh eyes!

P.S. Here’s a preview page for the business website.. I’m so excited xD (www.mysterycow.com)

And if you’d like to follow the updates of Mystery Cow, then why don’t you add it on Twitter? @mystery_cow

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