Nothing beats a bit of good praise

As a writer, you live for the enjoyment of your readers. If they are happy, if they enjoy the prose that you have produced, then it is all worthwhile.

At the moment, there’s two people reading the first draft of my book. Despite them being close to me, I trust them to brutally honest, and so far they have both given me great feedback!

Before I handed over my book, I wondered how it would be received, because I often doubt my own ability. However, it was truly heart-warming and reassuring to see that my creation was enjoyed by others. The good praise affirmed that I have done an excellent job and has given me an almighty confidence boost.

Of course, there was some constructive criticism too, but most of that has been minor typos. My task now is to comb through my hefty transcript and produce a shiny second draft. It actually shouldn’t take me too long, if I’m being told that there’s not much I have to alter 🙂

Wish me luck!

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