Cruising to the finish line!

Back in April, I predicted that I would finish my book in July… and it looks like I was right!

At the rate I’m going, the first draft should be done by next week! Since I worked out how close I was to the finish line, I’ve been powering through the last several chapters, writing at breakneck speed to get it finished. When you’re so close to the end of the tunnel, you don’t want to stop! Recently, I’ve been writing a new chapter every 2-3 days, which roughly equates to 2000 words per day! Whew… it’s taking it out of me, but I’ve only got three more chapters to go, so I may as well keep up the pace!

It’s a very exciting and emotional time, wrapping up the plot and approaching the end of the characters’ journeys. After eight months of working on the book, it’ll be weird to finally say goodbye to it. You’ll have to forgive me if I shed a tear or two!

See you on the other side guys.

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