One thousand a day keeps the doctor away

1000 words that is.

Yes, I find that setting myself a daily target helps me to progress with writing. One thousand words roughly equates to three pages on Microsoft Word (size 12 font), which I think is a rather good going! When I exceed that many words, then I am a happy bunny!

Of course, I do not always write a thousand words per day. Some days, I don’t write at all, but it is always useful to have a personal marker of what I deem to be acceptable/productive when I do write.

A target also gives me something to work towards. One thousand words is quite a realistic daily target to reach, though still an admirable one. Without it, there would be no driving force spurring me on. As much as I like writing, I need a target to help me along.

Woohoo I have a job! But what about my writing? :-o

Okay, so last week I started a job as a poker dealer!

This is great news. I welcome the dosh with open arms, plus I get to wear a waistcoat and bow tie on a regular basis. But what about my writing?

I am the sort of person who needs to lock themselves away in a room for hours at a time in order to have a good writing session. Though now that I will have less free time, I might have to learn to write whenever I can, no matter what time of day it is. I suppose it’s all a question of getting into the zone.

I remember in high school when I used to come home, sit down at the kitchen table and write for hours on end. No problems at all. I simply sat down and began to write. As an adult, I have kind of lost that ability. But I think I need to reclaim it. Time is precious, and the ability to write at any time of day would be most desirable.

Lately, I am in the routine of writing in the evenings, often until the early hours. Unfortunately, this routine will come to an end due to my new job. As a poker dealer, I will be required to work at the casino in the evenings and the early hours (pretty much night shifts), so I will either need to find a new writing routine or develop the ability to write whenever the hell I feel like it.

By hook or by crook, I’ll find a way to manage my time. Time is precious, time is sparse. And often, I’m probably too hard on myself when I am not productive. So maybe I simply need to relax and go with the flow. Let’s see how things pan out eh 😛

In other news, I was nominated for the “Liebster Award” by the lovely Rachel ( from Australia. Essentially, the award is a way for bloggers to commend each other, and everybody who receives the award has to nominate eleven more people. So now I have to find some time to seek out eleven worthy nominees! This might take some time, but I’ll try to post about it soon enough.

Ciao for now 🙂

Where does your passion stem from?

Everybody’s passion stems from somewhere.

My passion for writing began at primary school, many moons ago, when we wrote stories in class. Gripping tales such as planes crash-landing in the Sahara desert and rescuing people from burning buildings. My Year 4 teacher, Mr Sowden, gave me much encouragement and offered to photocopy the stories from my exercise book so that I could take them home. For the first time in my life, I felt special, as though I was top of the class, and thoroughly enjoyed indulging in this new hobby.

I started to write stories at home. Usually sequels to the things I watched, like A Bug’s Life or Jungle Book. But also, I based stories around well-known franchises, such as Thomas the Tank Engine and the board game Frustration. I still have all the stories in an orange ringbinder somewhere. Though I’ll refrain from publishing them, otherwise I’d be on my arse with copyright lawsuits!

In the year 2000, I went on holiday to Greece with my family. There, on a market stall, I purchased the tiniest little book (smaller than a matchbox), which was attached to a key ring. This book had Winnie the Pooh on its covers, so I decided to write a fan fiction about Winnie and his friends, in which many of the cuddly characters perished! Don’t blame me though; blame Tigger’s evil twin brother, “Tige”!

My copyright-breaching days passed when I came up with a story called “The Last One To Live”, which was a fantasy story, heavily inspired by The Lord of the Rings. I took this story forward into high school and it became my escape for the next five years. I hated high school; it was like a prison. But writing offered me a way out, an escape into a different world that existed inside my head. In school, I often zoned out and drifted off to this far-away place in which I was God. And every night, after a day of hell, I wrote my little heart out in small notebooks purchased from Woolworths (RIP Woolies).

Unfortunately, I never finished that story. As I grew older, I realised that its structure was fundamentally flawed. I did attempt several redrafts to salvage it but eventually gave up. Some day, I hope to return to it and take forward some of its best elements to create something amazing. But for now, other projects await me.

Anyhow, that’s how my passion for writing began. An account of the early days, in which the world was a different place, but my passion burned stronger than ever. Where did your passion stem from?