“On the road”!

Hey guys,

This blog is looking a little empty right now, right? I plan to remedy that with immediate effect! I’m Nick by the way. Nice to meet you!

Firstly, may I congratulate you on reaching this far-flung corner of the internet (really, well done!). I guess the main aim of this blog is to supplement my writing journey, because currently I am writing my first book, so it would be nice to share that experience. In addition to that, I am sure I will blog about other random endeavours and interests along the way!

But yeah, so far I’d say I have done about a third of my book. I started in November and can quite confidently say it is one of the best things I have ever done. I have enjoyed writing since childhood and yet I have never written a full novel; so now that I am actually “on the road”, in the throes of writing a full-length book, I have confirmed to myself that it really is something I enjoy doing. That’s a relief.. because there’s only so much you can claim to like writing (when you’re not actually writing) before you begin to sound like a fraud! Hence this book was a do or die attempt to determine whether or not I was a writer.

I now know the answer!

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